Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A New Start...

Oh no! I've been missing and my blog was buried for years! That's how long I've been occupied with motherhood and lately my biz (candy, chocolates, marshmallows, lollipops, biscuits, toys wholesaler) which base in Seksyen 3 Bandar Baru Bangi. You can peek my wholesale shop  here :) Reno Mart (Pemborong Gula-Gula, Makanan Ringan, Biskut & Mainan)

I heart cooking still... And always showing off my skill at home LoL. Blogging? YES, still love doing it but sometimes I just can't squeeze fresh juice out of my brain! Even now I still have mind blocking, D**N! How I wish I can go back in my high school moment where I have lotsa craziness in my wits. I did write a teenage novel then and I must say I was a good writer (One opinion and I know it's unfair haha...)

As I was saying, this blog I hope, would charter new heights in my life - generally, my euphoria (my 3 heroes), my trade world which I hope will cultivate in time, amin... Well, let the rest tell the whole story of my Twinkle Twinkle Little Life...

Love XoXo,
Marliana Redzuan.

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